This first episode is an introduction to the host of Uncharted UX, Valerie Trent. Besides learning a bit about her background, she also shares these key points:

  • Well thought-through products and spaces are really important
  • Interior design is often misunderstood but it is essentially designing for the users’ experience first
  • Product design is very similar to interior design

In Uncharted UX, we’ll learn how “software” terms like UX, UI, CX can be applied to the physical world. In our current digital age we have high standards for our software experiences, but we should have high standards for our physical world too. We’re going to dive into these areas to explore what is really good physical design in today’s world.

A Few Quotes

“It occurred to me that still, after a 4-year degree, 2 years of apprenticeship, 9 licensing exams, years of designing and building-out lawfirms, restaurants, hotels, finance and tech companies homes and universities alike, the common person still doesn’t know that interior design isn’t about what subway tile and picking which type of wood flooring pattern is wanted in their home. It’s about making a product you walk into, as functional as possible and aesthetically “on brand” or style. It’s about the UX UI, and CX of spaces.”

“…From then on, my eyes and ears perked up whenever I came into contact with a supercar.”

“Great design you often don’t notice until you look for it. ”

“We hear terms like UX, UI, CX and usability these days to describe digital platforms. But the same thinking, the same scientific problem-solving is what interior designers and physical product designers use when forming their art.”

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