This week on UnchartedUX we talk to Tom Spanier, and Interior Designer and firm owner in Chicago.

When and how does he start to think about the space users? How does he define Interior Design? How does he define good design?

Interior design starts with the end user first. Each project’s challenge is to incorporate a space that reflects the users’ aesthetics, functionality, health safety, and welfare through correctly being built-to-code, as well as long-term durability.

Tom gives us his perspective on what an interior designer does every day to help each of us achieve the spaces we want and need. 

Tom tells us a bit about himself

Interior Designer with over 19 years of experience. My work consists of a wide range of projects from corporate offices to private residences. In 2009 I launched TZS Design recognizing the need for a interiors firm that specializes in both commercial and residential spaces. We spend the majority of our lives indoors so having inspiring interior environments where we live, work, and play is very important. The joy of working with my Clients and creating unique spaces for them gives me purpose and a deep satisfaction. Above all else, interiors should be thoughtfully designed spaces that improve ones quality of life. 

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